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About Us
Our storybook artwork is timeless, vibrant and visually stimulating. Neither hip nor faddish but rather an attempt to reclaim childhood and bring it right back in to the bedroom.
Studies have shown that babies display varying and intriguing responses to color and that yet with the colour white there is little or no response at all.  We all know that the first five years are the most formative in a child's development and our artists have therefore spent countless hours in the creative process to bring you the most extraordinary, beautiful and stimulating furniture imaginable. Our imagery is original, creative and designed to appeal to both children Girland adults alike. We pride ourselves on those extra little details such as decorating the inside foot on beds and cots so that the little person inside also has something to enjoy. We know how difficult it is to find furniture that’s original, inspirational and will last the distance, but we think we may just have succeeded