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Surf’s Up Bedroom Look 1

A great room starts with a great bed and the Surf’s Up Bed certainly fits the bill. Team it with a White Single Sheet Set with Blue Check Trim and a PJ Stripe Doona with Blue Caramel Stripe Reverse. Both duvet Girlsides will look great with this totally out there bed. For a spare sheet set the White Single Sheet Set with Navy Trim will co-ordinate perfectly with either duvet side. Add your Surf’s Up Bedside Table, Surf’s Up Chest of Drawers in either design and Surf’s Up Toy Box to replicate all that’s cool and beachy in this fun filled room. For lighting you can’t beat the Hood Style Lamp in PJ Blue Stripe which will reflect all that’s casual in this ‘easy living hangout’.

A Surf’s Up Bookcase is a must as is any beach signage to complete the look. In this instance our team have selected the Wipe Out Board and Wipe Out Wave for totally awesome wall art.

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